Success Stories

Real patients. True stories.


Wonderful Energy

Shelly has given my daughter the gift of speech and confidence in the process.


Focus, Work Hard, and Never Give Up! 

My motto is Focus, Work Hard, and Never Give Up! 


Making therapy fun and interesting

Our son's improvements have exceeded our expectations!


Building confidence with laughter and compassion

I admire the relationship they share as he confides in her, plays with her, and allows her to help him grow.


Unbelievable Progress

After 6 months with Shelly it was almost as if he was talking beyond most kids his age. His progress with her was unbelievable to me!


A different kind of speech pathologist

Shelly has been great with Jullien. He has learned so much in such a short amount of time.


Building a foundation for communicating with confidence

Dean was born with a rare genetic disorder known as 22q microdeletion syndrome and struggled with many medical issues for the first three years of his [...]


Our daughter is eating a fantastic variety of foods without difficulty

Our daughter (3) was having a lot of difficulty chewing and swallowing a variety of foods and we didn’t know what to do. Every meal was a struggle. [...]

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